Online Photo Mosaic Creator

A photo mosaic is a very spectacular creation that looks wonderful both as a wallpaper or a printed poster. Typically, from a distance you can only see the chosen picture in a large size, but it's actually put together from lots of different, small pictures. Even these small pictures are big enough to be clearly visible when you look at them up close.

A mosaic poster is always a huge success, since it's a very spectular, unique and custom made gift. Browsing the small pictures adds to the experience presented by the big picture, which is why a photo mosaic is a more interesting gift idea than a simple photo or a photo album.

Gift ideas:

Poster Gift

If you don't have suitable photos, you can't or don't want to make your own tileset, no need to worry, because you can choose from a wide selection of themes on our site to create your mosaic with. Dogs, cats, cars, motorbikes, flowers and many more are available for you to create a unique gift with them.

Gift your loved ones with photo mosaics that you made yourself!

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